Travis Scott saw the worst concert of his life at the Astroworld Festival. The rapper has been previously vilified by the court of public opinion as people blame him for the 10 deaths that took place at Astroworld. However it seems that the initial shock of the tragedy is dissipating as entertainers are now coming forward in defense of Travis Scott.

Dior has delayed their collaboration with Scott. The rapper has also been reportedly dropped from Coachella 2022. As the lawsuits mount into billions, the repercussions are continuing to surface.

Tank logged onto Instagram and he let it all out for fans.

“The kid [Scott] is known for mosh pits and rage energy at his shows. If this is not for you then you shouldn’t be there. Anybody underage for sure should second guess attending and being in the crowd. This happens at ALL FESTIVALS!! There’s not enough security and now enough people in the crowd who care about other peoples well being. If the promoter and head of security felt like this concert was out of hand from the beginning they should’ve stopped it before it got started.”

Tank added that in the end, companies wanted to make a hefty profit and were more concerned with that than the safety of the people at the concert. “As a performer, it is my assumption that security and the promoter have done their due diligence in order for us to have a safe and successful show,” Tank added. “Crowd control and security isn’t my job. Entertaining is. If I can clearly see something bad is happening then I will address is but if there are 50k people HOW CAN I SEE THAT??”

Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue also joined the conversation and blasted companies for distancing themselves from Scott during this time. “Because he was a Black man that owned a festival that had failures?” Blue questioned. “When people die at these white-owned festivals no one is canceled! We should be empowering him & putting our Black dollars behind him!”

Travis Scott’s name will forever be marred by this tragedy and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. However, people are now cutting him some slack. We therefore hope such a horrific incident never happens again.

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Anushmitta Dutta

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