Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham recently shared a picture with her daughter Sophia, which is typical for her social media. Fans had some things to say about their new mother/daughter photo.

It seems controversy doesn’t seem to leave the Abraham family alone. Just past week Farrah’s mom, Debra turned heads when she posted posted a seductive dance video wearing tiny red shorts and now it’s Farrah and her daughter, Sophia.

A new photo of the mother-daughter duo found it’s way to Reddit. Teen Mom fans had some harsh remarks about the picture. The original poster wrote, “Sophia looks so grown up! Farrah reminds me of Mommy Dearest.”

One user wrote, “Sophia is way prettier than Farrah lol”. Another soon agreed to the comment and mentioned Farrah’s botched plastic surgery, “It it wasn’t for all Farrah’s botched plastic surgery, Sophia would giver her a run for her money. Farrah looks terrible now.”

While others took notice of Sophia’s quick growth. One fan expressed, “People worry about Sophia (and rightfully so), but I swear that this kid is tougher, smarter and more resilient than people give her credit for,” but this didn’t sit well others. They pointed out how Sophia had to mature faster and never really got to experience her childhood because of her mother.

That is not a good thing! That just means Sophia had to mature quicker than other kids because her mother never mentally matured past the age of 16. Who knows what Sophia has had to see or has been through because of her moms selfishness. She never really got to be a kid compared to some of the other children on the franchise. And it’s unfortunate

While we don’t know how’s Sophia relationship with her mother is, we can only hope that it doesn’t turn sour like Debra and Farrah in the future. Meanwhile, you check out the picture below.

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