Kanye West has a lot of fans hanging on his every word, because you never know what he will say next. That goes doubly for the lyrics to his music and is seems that Donda had a ton of fans searching for him.

Genius is a lyrics aggregator digital media company which makes it simple to gauge an artist’s popularity. It is based on people’s search queries when they wish to look up an artist or a certain set of lyrics. Genius published their final chart based on their total page views on 2021

Kanye West has topped the 2021 chart released by Genius. In other words, fans all over the internet has searched Kanye’s lyrics on the platform more than any other artist. Taylor Swift is in second place, and Drake is in third.

Eminem did not drop any new project this year. Despite that fact, he is the fourth most popular musician across all genres. Marshall Mathers remained at the top of the charts month after month, despite the fact that other artists’ popularity ebbed and flowed.

Eminem was named Genius’ lyricist of the year in 2020, which is a totally reasonable position for an artist who released a lyrically dense album like “Music to Be Murdered By.” Marshall’s current ranking demonstrates what he can accomplish without even trying. The entire chart released by Genius is provided below.

You can check out the list of 6 males and 4 females below who dominated the Genius searches in 2021. It is also notable that Juice WRLD made the list, the only artist on the list who is no longer with us.

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