Teen Mom star Nikkole Ledda contacted local police after her ex and their daughter Ellie, six, went missing during their Christmas visitation. She shared the scary news with fans on Instagram. It has now surfaced that Nikkole’s mother is the legal guardian of at least one of her children, Lyle.

The MTV personality who appeared on an episode of “16 & Pregnant,” also created a GoFundMe page to raise money for her daughter Ellie. Nikkole set a goal of $3,500, which she needed to retain a lawyer for her December 1, 2021, custody hearing.

On December 29, a Redditor shared a photo of Nikkole’s mother holding custody of her oldest child in a thread. Fans began to piece together the truth about her child’s custody.

“Good god. A girl in my town just did this on our Facebook moms group. “Help, my 8 year old son is missing!! I have no idea where he is, he’s wearing ____” everyone was freaking out, people were going driving around looking for him, turns out he was with the dad who had just been given full custody, and the mom knew that. Ugh!!”

Another user highlighted the fact how she gave her child not only the their father’s last name, but also his middle name. A third Redditor stated that the fact she doesn’t have custody of him makes that whole “him taking her out on a date” thing that went viral a few years ago so much more cringe and gross.

The entire Reddit thread is provided below along with some of the top comments from the thread. You can check out the conversation below and sound off in the comments!

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