In time for Christmas, and Bad Bunny released a music video based on “The Simpsons.” That seemed like the gift we all needed, but didn’t even know we wanted.

For his latest music video, “Te Deseo Lo Mejor,” Bad Bunny collaborated with The Simpsons. El Último Tour Del Mundo, his 2020 album, contained the song for the first time.

In the video, Bunny assists Homer and Marge in resolving their marital issues. Homer backs into a shrub, recreating his iconic meme, attends a Bad Bunny concert, and tries to win back Marge throughout the film. After the video went up, Simpsons writer Al Jean tweeted to praise Bad Bunny after the video dropped.

“@TheSimpsons Huge thanks to director @tubatron and Claudia Motta & Humberto Velez as Marge and Homer… and of course to Bad Bunny… a pleasure to work on.”


The video premiered Dec 24, 2021 on YouTube. It has already over 5.9 million views. Bunny is wrapping off a memorable year in which he won three Latin Grammys. He was named to former President Barack Obama’s “Favorite Music of 2021” list. The song “Volvi,” which he co-wrote with Aventura, was chosen.

Despite the long wait, every aspect felt crafted expressly for his most devoted followers. What wasn’t precisely prepared serves as a monument to their loyalty.

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Gunjan Nath

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