Cardi B has been working on switching up her look lately, having adopted a consistent hair care routine to grow out her natural hair. The rapper took to social media recently to share the results with her fans.

The response was mostly positive, and a lot of fans showed tremendous love for Cardi’s new look. However, as is usually the case, not everyone was in agreement.

Some commenters resorted to making comments about how Cardi could only achieve the look because she is “mixed” and as a result is “supposed to have long hair.”

The rapper did not take kindly to these comments, and took to Instagram once again to shut down all these comments. She directly addressed these comments, stating that they’re “not true and very misleading.” Cardi also ended the post with a positive message.

I want women of color with tighter curl patterns to know that you don’t have “BAD HAIR” there’s no such thing as bad hair . and “good” hair don’t mean a certain texture. ALL HAIR IS GOOD.

Just to make sure that the point got across adequately, Cardi also took to Twitter later to reiterate her statements. Check out her posts below.

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