Skip Bayless has offered a fair bit of praise to Kevin Durant in recent memory. Durant isn’t one to welcome praise, but it appears as though the Undisputed host doesn’t care. In fact, Bayless just heaped on a ton of praise as he said that KD is the best thing since MJ.

Kevin Durant has sort of shut Bayless out of his mind, as the commentator is often criticizing LeBron James. Durant responded to it in the game by scoring a phenomenal 34 points, essentially squashing any concerns about him being overrated.

Bayless was sort of compelled to say, that Kevin Durant Is essentially the Michael Jordan in today’s game, the ruler of the current roost, sort of. It is a questionable claim to make about any player in the game, but Skip Bayless is known to be rather liberal with such claims

So the debate about who the GOAT is will continue. Whether is it LeBron or Kobe Bryant or Durant. Kobe himself shied away from answering that same question when asked on the James Cordon Show.

You can check out Skip Bayless’ statements about who’s on top of the NBA below.

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Frederick Hatch

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