Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney became featured cast members of Vanderpump Rules and have since become a fan favorite duo. Their recent disappearance from the show was curious for their fans. They didn’t appear in this season of Vanderpump, and moreover, some are worried about their absence.

Tom Schwartz proposed to Katie at a dinner with all SUR family present during season 4, episode 10 of Vanderpump Rules and the two were married. Even Tom Schwarts and Katie Maloney revealed that they are ready to try for the next step in their relationship. Fans of Vanderpump Rules are too curious to know why Tom and Katie are missing.

After skipping two prior in-person events for Bravo, Katie appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” to address things. She appeared without her husband Tom Schwartz as well and said he was dealing with a serious family issue.

Host Andy Cohen addressed Schwartz’s absence by saying, “We wish that Schwartz could be here too, but he had a family emergency. So he is with them tonight, so we are sending our love always to him.”

Katie on the other hand did not fly to New York to join Andy Cohen in the Bravo Clubhouse instead, she did a viral WWHL appearance cameo from California. Few fans believe Schwartz’s presence in the same room in spite of his family living in Florida.

Fans speculated about the events for Bravo that Schwartz – and his wife – have skipped in recent weeks in a lengthy post on Reddit.

One Redditor noted, “They have missed several in-person events for Bravo. Tom’s was a ‘family emergency,’ which I feel like would’ve been out already, but yet he filmed WWHL and the Reunion from his house? Same with Katie getting sick the morning of…”

Another asked, “Super weird because he posted in his insta stories yesterday with Katie, sitting next to her at their home…but his whole family lives in Florida. Why wouldn’t he just join the zoom interview for WWHL?”

An additional Redditor wrote, “I think he was definitely at the house the way she kept staring off to the side.” Another agreed, “Right! It was obvious that he was there in the room. Super weird.”

“After the question about the ring on the string. she instinctively turned her head and (imo) stared at him. she tried to play it off but I’m convinced she was looking at someone. it had to be him,” said another Redditor on the thread.

According to several fans, Schwartz “chickened out” as he didn’t want to explain his action in Vaderpump Rules. On the other hand, some fans thought that Schwartz looks terrible this session.

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