“The Bachelor” star, Colton Underwood has just shared a deeply personal detail from back in his professional football days. He also shed more light on the homophobia existing in the world of sports.

The former NFL player recently appeared on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast where he shared an anecdote from before he came out as gay. Underwood revealed that he was terrified about people finding out about his sexuality. This also extended to the locker room.

One extreme measure that Underwood took to keep his sexuality secret was to literally hide from his teammates in the locker room. Underwood explained that he was terrified he would get turned on and get outed as gay.

I wouldn’t shower after practice because I was afraid of getting turned on in the locker room or in the shower.


Underwood also commented on the ludicrousness of the situation, saying that it was “sort of silly” since he was not particularly attracted to anyone in the locker room. He was scared to the point where he did not want to take the risk.

I never really was attracted to anybody who I played with, or coaches. So, it’s sort of silly to even say that. But, I wanted to avoid any chance of being outed, so I would not shower with the rest of the team.

Underwood changed in a corner or a bathroom stall instead of with his team. Sometimes he would leave the locker room entirely. Underwood also revealed that this fear went all the way back to college, where he would sleep through his own house parties for fear of drunkenly revealing his sexuality.

It is truly unfortunate that Underwood felt forced to suppress this part of himself for so long. Thankfully, he is now openly gay, and also currently dating political strategist Jordan C. Brown.

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Abhishek Kar

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