With Spider-Man: No Way Home set for release next month. there’s been a tizzy of fan speculation the multiverse-traversing story will feature appearances from past franchise favorites. Specifically former web-heads Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire.

Now comedic actor Jack Black is getting in on the fun, taking to TikTok to declare that, “There’s been a lot of speculation as to whether or not I will be in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home” before the sound of the video seemingly gets cut off despite him continuing to talk. The second half and the most important part of his message have been deliberately muted, throwing off fans into more confusion.

The 52-year-old actor is known for his string of comedy films, including Shallow Hal, School of Rock, and Gulliver’s Travels. Black is also the voice behind the hit Kung Fu Panda franchise, which now has three films, and several TV spin-offs. In 2003, Black appeared in a spoof for MTV Awards where he hilariously played Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Photos of that spoof have recently surfaced, prompting fans to speculate whether the funny actor will have a bit role in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Of course, there is a much simpler explanation for all of this: the actor is just trolling. It makes perfect sense since Black is a comedian, and quite known for goofing off both on social media and as one half of the folk-rock duo known as Tenacious D. As for that drop in audio near the end?. It’s more likely Black himself is acting that part, pretending to mouth words without actually making any sounds, to seemingly add “authenticity” to the claim.


We can’t blame Black for poking fun at the cultural zeitgeist of the moment, as Kevin Feige’s recent confirmation that Charlie Cox’s Daredevil will be part of the MCU going forward has set the rumor mill on fire that Matt Murdock will indeed make an appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Guess we’ll all collectively find out together when the Tom Holland-helmed threequel hits theaters Dec. 17.

Artoria Pendragon

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