The Slim Shady LP is not too far way from the 1 billion streaming milestone. Just 10 million streams stand between “The Slim Shady LP” and that milestone in Spotify.

Back on November 11, the album fetched a total of 975 million streams. Now a month later, the count stands on 990,901,520 Spotify streams. The LP received more than 15 million streams in one month and now it’s just 10 million shy of 1 billion streams.

As fans added 15 million new plays in just two weeks, they must be eyeing to hit the milestone before the year end. If that’s how ends, it will be up with nine more in that list. It’s still a possibility with a small effort from the community.

The new milestone would obviously make a difference for one project. It will also mean that each Eminem album uploaded on Spotify has over 1 billion streams. That would be a sheer reflection of the significance, longevity and impact of Em’s music.


Listen to The Slim Shady LP attached at the end of this article if you are also up for the milestone before 2022 hits. What’s your favorite song from the album? Sound off in the comments!

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