DJ Akademiks says Instagram model Whitney LeDawn pulled out a gun during the Fresh and Fit podcast. She eventually left the interview but the entire conversation went viral, resulting in LeDawn deleting her Instagram account.

LeDawn told TMZ that the whole purpose of her appearance on the podcast was so they could make her fun of her for having a child out of wedlock as a practicing Christian.

“They did that for nothing. They did all of that for ratings. When I left, I was already in the hallway, I heard him talking about, ‘move to the left. Move to the left.’ I’m in the hallway, like, what the f**k is he talking about,”

Although, the Instagram model denies ever pulling a gun on Ak she admitted she was carrying a firearm. She said, ” “I’m a concealed carry and I keep my gun with me at all times but I never not once pulled it out, They just took that and ran with it. They tried to say it — if it happened, they would’ve had clips of it. Everything was recorded.”

LeDawn says she eventually had to delete her IG account after several “bullying” violations stemming from her responses to Ak’s fan. She claims she’s yet to receive an apology from anyone on the podcast.

For what’s it’s worth, you cannot see the gun in the video that was posted. Each side has a very separate version of what went down. You can watch the clip from the podcast below.

Shubham Banerjee

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