Kanye West and Drake were seen singing together at the Los Angeles Coliseum for their blockbuster Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert on Thursday night. Their Bromance melted everybody’s heart and it’s good to see them together again.

The opening set was from Kanye’s Sunday Service Choir. Kanye and Drake greeted each other down the Coliseum steps and embraced each other before stepping onto the mound-like stage. Both rappers were draped in “Free Larry Hoover” merch that was on sale at the concert.

Kanye and Drake combined their hits, taking turns to entertain their fans. Kanye West performed Drake’s Thank Me Later ballad “Find Your Love” during their crossover. Drake returned the favor by delivering a rendition of Kanye’s Donda hymn “24.”

In a footage captured in the camera, Drake was seen moving his hands and watching on with glee as Kanye sang “Find Your Love.” The historic concert has clearly brought Kanye West and Drake close. They were seen sharing the stage and joining forces to perform their 2010 collaboration “Forever”.


“When we were walking through the archway it felt like a dream … to be on stage with one of my idols while he’s running though one of the best catalogs in music, period,” Drake told the crowd during his performance.

Despite being a historic moment for Hip Hop, the concert has made Larry Hoover himself slightly uneasy. “He’s concerned that it may affect him negatively because it’s showing his influence,” his son, Larry Hoover Jr., said on The Drea O Show earlier this week. “But his influence is positive.”

Almost everybody has either watched it live or has seen it live streaming in Amazon Prime. If you haven’t seen it yet, the concert is currently available in full on Amazon Prime Video.

Shivangini Rawat

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