Virgil Abloh was honored in a big way in his hometown with a memorial service full of big names including Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna just to name a few.

The service went down Monday at the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Chicago, with scores of people showing up. It included the above mentioned names and many more. Other significant names were Tyler The Creator, Drake, Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean and A$AP Rocky.

TTC was one of the handful of folks who spoke, and he ended up breaking down in tears remembering Virgil. It turned out to be more than just a somber affair. There was a live performance put on by none other than Lauryn Hill, who was also wiping away tears throughout.

All in all, the service made for a lot of waterworks, and a lot of tributes and stories in Virgil’s name. On the way out, paparazzi caught Kim with some shades on. They also snapped RiRi and A$AP arm in arm, with everyone looking pretty blue.

Virgil recently passed away from cancer at only 41. A private battle he didn’t disclose publicly, but only his closest friends were aware of. He’d just been tapped to head up Louis Vuitton’s men’s line as their artistic director this after a successful run as CEO of Off-White, his own fashion house.

The news sent shockwaves across Hollywood and beyond with an untold number of stars coming out with condolences as Virgil had friends far and wide in the entertainment industry. We all pray so that his soul rests in peace.

Anirban Biswas

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