Rapper 600 Breezy has had one of the most turbulent rap careers in the world. The rapper has a lot of legal issues to deal with, and he struggles to maintain a rap career alongside it.

The rapper often tries hard to maintain a fine line between professional life and personal issues. However, some of the biggest stars have told the rapper about what it takes to balance the two.

Travis Scott and Drake, according to the rapper, gave him clear directives about his career. However, with the death of his friend and fellow rapper Edai 600, Breezy claims that he no longer feels like he’s untouchable my mortal dangers.

The rapper spoke about Edai 600 being the pioneer of the Chicago drill rap scene. He said that Edai started it for all the rappers in the scene, and added that he got extremely comfortable in Chicago because he received “so much love” from there. Breezy said that Edai “did not have the same paranoia” as him, and that you can “never get too comfortable.

Breezy’s statements reflect the fact that losing someone close to you is always extremely painful. He lost a very important friend, and it still continues to impact him. Checkout the clip of the VladTV video down below.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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