Travis Scott recently conducted a sit-down interview with Charlamagne tha God. The rappers talked about what Scott was feeling in the wake of the deadly Astroworld festival tragedy. At least one attorney for one of the victims publicly stated their displeasure.

Additionally, Travis faces billions of dollars in lawsuits. It’s not the best idea to give an interview with so much pending in the courts. TMZ caught up with Scott’s attorney, Ed McPherson, to get an update on what Travis Scott was thinking.

“This was all Travis. Travis insisted on it. He’s been wanting to speak out to his fans, to the public in general, to the families. He’s been trying to reach out to the families.

This was his way to do it, to tell them he’s serious about that. The families have rejected his offers to pay for funerals and things like that. He just wants them to know that he’s still available and he wants to help heal…”


When he was asked about attorneys representing the victims’ thoughts on Travis’ interview, McPherson said Travis wants to work with them. He believes that is Scott’s way of taking responsibility. The attorney claims Travis Scott wants to get to the bottom of this as much as anyone.

The attorney reiterated that Travis could not hear what was going on in the crowd. He says that the spot where at least seven of the casualties occurred showed no visible evidence of a problem from the stage or during the show’s live stream. The courts will ultimately decide, but we now know Travis Scott’s legal approach.

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