Jenelle Evans took it to public that her son Jace was having problems staying with his maternal grandmother, Barbara Evans. Jace is her oldest son who is 12 years old. Jenelle Evans lost custody of her son more than a decade back.

Grandma Evans gained custody of Jace when he was just 12 months old. The Teen Mom 2 star lost custody when she renounced her parental rights. Jenelle has been fighting to gain back primary physical and legal custody for more than a decade.

The mother-of-three said the relationship with her mom remains forced. Evans revealed to The Sun,

“Jace is having some issues at school and at my mom’s house, which I can’t go into detail about because there’s a pending custody case. We only talk when it’s to pick up Jace and drop him off, I pick up and I get him like every other weekend.”


Jenelle is naturally frustrated about the fact that she cannot guide her son. Whenever she tries to bring up the conversation about Jace, she gets completely ignored. So the guardians are presently butting heads over Jace’s control and it’s not really going anywhere.

Evans also told The Sun that she wants to go back to court to figure out their custody agreement. Despite the fact that she spent Thanksgiving with Jace, she wants their interaction to be more regular and not just holidays oriented.

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