Marilyn Mason was previously being investigated by authorities in Los Angeles on the accusation of sexual assault. He is now reportedly threatening the families of women who accused him of sexual assault including children, according to new court documents revealed this week.

Among the other disturbing allegations, the rocker has now allegedly threatened ex-girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood‘s 8-year-old son, Jack, with the troubled musician supposedly claiming he would harm the child. The 34-year-old mother alleged that Manson told her he would “f**k” Jack to “ruin her life.”

The Westworld star took the alleged threat very seriously. She installed bulletproof glass windows, a steel security door, and a tall security fence around her Los Angeles home. She is also looking into attack dogs and security guards at night.

According to Wood, she found out about the horrific threat after one of Manson’s other alleged victims recorded the rock star explaining that he had pictures of her children going to the mailbox, along with access to their social security numbers. “I’ve got everything, they’re f**ked, and they’re going to be f**king destroyed. I know where they live, where their f**king kids go to school, where they work, their parents,” Mason allegedly said to the unidentified women.


The 52 years rocker’s home was recently raided by law enforcement investigators. Wood also revealed how she recently found out that Mason was involved in human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of minors on a large scale. These new developments led her to be very concerned about her child’s safety when in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Rachel is fighting over Jack’s custody battle against ex-partner Jamie Bell. Bell argued that Wood’s alleged threat claims are a bid to keep the boy from him but even so she is not ready to compromise Jack’s safety and well being. Let’s hope Jack can be safe at all times.

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