The 41st season of Survivor on CBS has produced plenty of material that was never meant to make air. At the time of the 10th episode of the season, CBS released one of these scenes. In the clip, Xander Hastings and Liana Wallace admitted that they have the hots for each other.

Liana was recently voted off the island. That means she’s had an opportunity to talk more about her experiences on the reality competition show. She spilled the dirt recently to Entertainment Weekly. She said eventually, it was all about winning the game.

“I think Xander played an amazing game, and what’s awesome about our relationship is that we both saw exactly what the other one was, and we saw how much each of us was a threat. So I respect the hell out of him. It does suck to be on the jury, but I played my hardest, he played his hardest, and he got farther than me in the end.

But at that point, I’m so fed up with him. I’m like, ‘I don’t care how big of a crush you have on me, I just want you out’ … So that was a funny dynamic. I think it’s a fun thing for people to watch and see, because it makes our season interesting, but that really like just made me laugh.”


When she was asked about finding out that Xander had a crush on her, she was so upset with him for how he played the game that she just wanted him voted off. The dynamic delighted Survivor fans. It seems to have annoyed Liana.

Liana Wallace was the 12th player voted out from this season of Survivor. Xander Hastings still remains in the hunt. The 20-year-old Chicago native is down to his final five opponents.

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Michael Perry

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