Andrew Glennon, known for his appearance on “Teen Mom”, hinted Amber Portwood’s daughter, 13-year old Leah Shirley had to witness domestic violence. This allegation came to light when Andrew went live on his Instagram account.

Andrew talked about “years of abuse” he suffered while slamming body-shamming comments from fans on his Instagram live video . He didn’t name Portwood, 31 but he did talk about a certain “Gary”. Gary Shirley is Portwood’s ex-husband and father of Leah.

Glennon also shared he was a victim of “gaslighting.” He was pretty unclear about the “abuse” he had to endure but he talk about “Gary,” his daughter and her school had to witness violent incident.

“Gary saw blood, his daughter saw blood and her whole school saw blood. It’s all there, it all happened, it’s all real. What do you think my nose surgery was all about?”

He wrapped up his Instagram live session by slamming body shamers and wishing his fans well by saying, “I hope you’re well, I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing. I’m feeling great. The father of one said he wasn’t going to pay any attention to the negativity.

Currently Glennon has primary custody of his child, 3-year old James after a domestic incident with Portwood in July 2019. Portwood allegedly wielded a machete at Glennon while he a had 1-year old James in his arms.

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