Actor Joshua Malina has come forward with an essay on The Atlantic urging Hollywood to take a stand against Mel Gibson for anti-Semitism.

Simply titled “Cancel Mel Gibson”, in this essay, Malina lashes out on Gibson for his past controversies and doesn’t hold back at all. This essay seems to be a reaction to the news that Gibson will be starring and directing in Lethal Weapon 5.

Malina stated that he cannot be paid enough to work with Gibson, who he called a well documented “jew-hater”. He also said that many “horrible people” like Roald Dahl and Pablo Picasso have made wonderful art, just like Gibson. However, he says that these figures from history had the “good taste to die” and that since Gibson is alive, he should be cancelled.

Gibson is a well-known Jew-hater (anti-Semite is too mild). His prejudices are well documented. So my question is, what does a guy have to do these days to get put on Hollywood’s no-fly list? I’m a character actor. I tend to take the jobs that come my way. But—and this hurts to write—you couldn’t pay me enough to work with Mel Gibson.

Now, I love the Lethal Weapon movies (at least the first few). And Danny Glover’s a gem. But Gibson? Yes, he’s a talented man. Many horrible people produce wonderful art. Put me down as an ardent fan of Roald Dahl, Pablo Picasso, and Edith Wharton; can’t get enough of what they’re selling. But these three had the good taste to die. That makes it a lot easier to enjoy their output. Gibson lives. And Tinseltown need not employ him further.

Malina went on to say that if Gibson continues to gain working opportunities in Hollywood, then there’s no point to cancel culture and that it should simply die.

Malina went on to accuse Gibson of misogyny and anti-black racism and said that even though his anti-Semitism should be enough to get him thrown out of Hollywood, he would be fine if these other prejudices help get rid of him.

It is inarguably true that the main targets of Gibson’s prejudice are the Jews, but what boggles my mind is that Hollywood is also overlooking his profound misogyny and forays into anti-Black racism. I wish anti-Jewish hatred alone were enough to get him cast into the wilderness, but, hey, if it has to be because of his other prejudices, I’m okay with that. Let him take the hundreds of millions he’s already earned in Hollywood and retire somewhere nice to contemplate his life choices. I hear the Judean Hills are lovely this time of year.

Malina ended his long piece by stating that this essay might get him blacklisted from Hollywood instead of Mel Gibson, however, he seems to be fine with this outcome and all that he’s achieved in his career.

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Darshan Sheth

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