A viral Donald Trump Christmas card that precludes his son Baron has been making its rounds on social media recently. The card, clearly faked (the original image that was edited into the phony card originally was taken when the Trumps met with the Queen of England). fooled reactionary Twitter users who are quick to jump on anything Trump.

The card is not only poorly and blatantly altered, but it names Trump as President of the United States. Even at his worst moment, Donald Trump has not claimed to be the current President. Official communications from Trump’s office are generally signed from the office of the 45th President.

It’s understandable that people fell for the fake Christmas card. Trump has been involved in some surreal situations since stepping into politics. It didn’t help that many outlets and verified Twitter accounts reported on the viral greeting card as if it were real. It is not, but the social media world continues to pretend that it is.

“This is the most pathetic late life crisis I’ve ever seen


Trump dressed like a dick; that’s the only part he got right on his Christmas card…

He’s not the president

He’s not married to Ivanka

Mar-a-Lago is not the White House

Did Barron resign from the family?”

“I don’t usually post dick pics but wow this is Trump’s 2021 Christmas card?!

Looking past the seditious dick in middle, notice his family featured on the tiny balls in the corner. “From the winter White House””

You can check out some of the other hilarious Twitter reactions below. While the image itself is not real, the hatred for Donald Trump certainly is. This time, though, it appears liberals were the victims of fake news.

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Michael Perry

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