Kodak Black‘s behavior during a recent interview has had people thinking if he is alright or not. The rapper appeared on Youtubers Zias and B. Lou’s channel “ZIAS!”. Kodak left the hosts speechless with his strange conduct.

The “Tunnel Vision” artist’s odd energy clearly threw the hosts off on more than one occasion. Fans got seriously concerned after watching the viral clip and snippets of the December 3 sit-down.

Kodak was called to annotate his latest single “Super Gremlin” but he failed at it quite badly. Multiple times in the clip the interviewers can be seen confused and weirded out by Kodak Black drowsily speaking gibberish.

Toward the end of the peculiar “interview” Kodak Black says “he’s tied.” The hosts assume that it meant he was “tired,” but wait there’s more. Kodak then peeped with one eye open and begins to give an existential explanation of his predicament.


Many fans thought that Kodak was suffering from an illness or that he was high. That being said, they all banded together and took to twitter to voice their concerns. Late on December 4th,

Kodak finally addressed the controversy, assuring followers that he’s sober. “Lol I B Fakin Like I’m Sleepy,” he wrote. “Ion B High Guys I Get Drug Tested Consistently.”

We’ll have to see if he keeps this in mind during future interviews.

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