Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe talks about making a fan faint by accidently brushing her arm against him at a public event in Japan. Radcliffe started his movie journey as a lead in the Harry Potter franchise.

Previously Daniel was a small child actor who was instantly launched into the limelight with his success with the first Harry Potter film and in addition to being a leading movie star he became the heart-throb for young girls around the globe, because Daniel grew up simultaneously with the fans who were watching him in the role of Harry Potter.

During a appearance on The Jonathan Ross show, he remembered one such incident at the peak of his fame. Radcliffe said “I was visiting a Japanese school for a public thing…. and I literally brushed a young girl [on the arm] while I was walking past her and I said ‘Oh, I’m so Sorry’. And boom! Fainted. I had brushed her and spoken to her and [it] was too much. She fainted”

Daniel is still synonymous with the role of Harry Potter and hasn’t had the chance to try his hands on another big-budget blockbuster project. After the final Harry Potter movie in 2011, he went on to work on projects that were oriented towards his personal taste which aligned with his sense of filmmaking. He took on off-beat projects like Swiss Army Man and Guns Akimbo which failed to amuse audiences.

Daniel says there’s dark side with growing up alongside his fans, he recently told a story about watching people’s faces go pale when he tells them he’s over 30-years old. However, he and the audiences will always have a world of fantasy filled with magic named Harry Potter look back on fondly.

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