Tennessee congressman, Tim Burchett is not happy about the Pentagon starting up a new agency to head up UFO research as he thinks the pentagon is not going to be transparent with the masses. He, like others, sees this new agency as more secrets and less transparency.

Tim gave his thoughts on the matter on Wednesday on Capitol Hill. He is not a fan of this move as it felt like alien and UFO theories were finally coming to light after decades of keeping this type of talk on the DL. He now believes that the Pentagon is only going to keep asking for funds without giving up the good on what they know.

UFO expert Jeremy Corbell told TMZ live that this new agency is nothing but a shadow operation. It is being presented as something the Defense dept is taking seriously when he thinks it’s the exact opposite in practice.

Why do you think DOD would rather sweep the further under the rug? Burchett has a theory. It all has to do with “industrial complexes” and societal institutions that would crumble if we learned the truth about what’s out there. It all boils down to old fashion control of the masses.


Do you think Pentagon is going to be transparent with us ? Or is it just another way keep what’s out there away from us ? Watch this video of Tim Burchell calling this operation BS.

Anushmitta Dutta

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