Halle Berry celebrated her new film Bruised ranking #1 in U.S. Netflix views with a tipsy dance video. Berry stars in and directs Bruised, which went through a long and arduous process before getting in her hands.

Originally, Blake Lively was attached to lead the film, but she eventually dropped out. Berry picked it up, reimagined the part for herself to play, and decided to direct, spending more than two years preparing for the role.

Bruised has received mostly mixed reviews, similarly to Netflix’s Red Notice, which fared worse on critical reception and far better on audience rankings. Regardless of reviews, Bruised is now trending at #1 on Netflix’s Top 10 in the U.S. with 47,700 hours viewed thus far and sits at #2 globally.

In celebration of the milestone, Berry took to Instagram, noting that she was having a drink in celebration, while dancing to “Automatic Woman” by H.E.R., which is from the Bruised soundtrack.


It’s a significant achievement for Berry, as this is her directorial debut and a passion project she’s spent years working on, so drinking and dancing appears to be in order. Berry has been enjoying a bit of a career resurgence of late, taking on more commercial projects and roles that put her back in the Hollywood limelight.

With Bruised, Berry is telling a more gritty, personal tale of redemption, but still with that “boxing drama” commercial appeal that resonates with audiences. Now, with Bruised gaining popularity and notoriety, the doors could be opening on a whole new chapter for Berry, giving her more opportunity to craft new stories, commercial or otherwise.

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