Coco, by her own description in her Instagram bio, is a ‘super mom.’ This fits when you see how much quality time she spends with her daughter Chanel. The Los Angeles resident certainly does a lot of things with her daughter, as seen in their social media escapades. Even Chanel’s grandma is no stranger to having fun with kids.

Austin’s IG is absolutely full of pictures of her having an absolute blast with her family, especially cause of thanksgiving week. With Christmas approaching they show no signs of stopping, which is made even more obvious in a video of Chanel teaching her grandma how to correctly twerk.

‘So you go like this’ says Chanel as she bends over and puts her butt out while making sure her hands are on her knees. “And then you go,” she says to her grandma while shaking her behind. “But what are you doing? Do I do squats, or what are you doing with your butt?” her grandma asks in hilarious confusion.

“I don’t know how to do it,” Grandma says giving up, putting her hands up. Chanel then offers an alternative way where you get on all fours and stick her but out in the ai. Her mom does exactly as Chanel says, Coco then chimes in saying “Oh…My…God,” while laughing. “This is what you do when the family’s over. Ohhh my gosh.”

Only days ago, the star of Ice & Coco shared this wholesome post about her daughter, shedding light on their happy life together. “I teach Chanel working out and staying and staying healthy, you’ll always pretty much be a happy person. I also tell her if she has flexibility now she’ll have it forever. I can vouch for that.. Staying fit is a lifestyle there’s no work at it, it’s just what you do everyday.”

You can check out the footage below to see for yourself.

Frederick Hatch

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