Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, one of the few champions of boxing may not the reigning boxing champion, but is now immortalized as one of the great ones to hold the belt. Mayweather only stopped being champion when he gave up the sport and that says a lot about what he’s certainly earned,

His picture is now on the belt and is in extremely good company. Muhammad Ali, Tyson fury, Lennox Lewis and a few other such dominant forces in the sport. Needless to say, this is extremely well deserved because of Mayweather’s unmatched achievements.

If there was something to say, that a certain fighter is the face of boxing it’s having your picture on the belt. WBC is one of the most prestigious few federations that can even sanction boxing matches, this is a very significant moment for Mayweather,

But what sets Mayweather apart from all the other people who have come and gone in this sport and have in the past held this belt? Well, he’s dominated multiple weight classes throughout his career.

But I think a much more relatable and understandable litmus test of his legacy is having a 50-0 record, which, let’s just say doesn’t leave a lot to imagination, about him being an undeniable talent. You can check out the new title below thanks to TMZ.

Frederick Hatch

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