Blac Chyna advices people to get vaccinated the same way she did when at the airport not too long ago. She said that everyone must get vaccinated very quickly.

TMZ spoke with her at the LAX this Friday. She told them about her thoughts about the new variant of Coronavirus. The new variant is being called Omicron by the scientists. It is spreading from South Africa to the different parts of the world.

Chyna agrees that it’s pretty scary. She stays on message saying folks have got to get jabbed up. When they ask why she thinks many haven’t yet — she’s got an interesting answer.

She said that this might be about proximity and perception about the Coronavirus. Namely, if no one in your immediate circle is affected, you’re less inclined to believe how dangerous the virus is. Thus many might be reluctant to get vaccinated.

To her, it’s nothing to take lightly. She has experienced this on the first hand. Chyna said she’s lost loved ones to COVID and that this is not a game but an absolutely lethal virus.

She’s not too sure what to do about the unvaccinated however, she is sure she can nudge people in the right direction.

Anirban Biswas

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