Tory Lanez took to Twitter and called out artists who refuse to take photos with fans. He said he does not understand the reason for artists to not take pictures with fans.

Recently Tory spoke on his case with Megan The Stallion. As the news recently revealed that there was no plea deal reached in the assault case involving the two stars. But there are still many speculations around this matter.

Now, Lanez has commented on celebrities, and a trend he’s seen that doesn’t sit right with him. Lanez took to Twitter and said a lot.

“I hate hearing stories about celebrities that wouldn’t take pics with kids and fans etc. Like these people buy your music and into whatever u do. WE LITERALLY GET PAID TO TAKE PICTURES !!!! I will never understand not treating your fans like respectable people”

Artists like Tank responded to the rapper’s comment on Instagram, saying “I take pictures with my fans because I love to not because I have to.” He said that every artist is different. They have different ways to interact with fans and it should not always be confused with being rude.

Tank said that a fan should ask respectfully and an artist should respond respectfully because “we’re all humans beings at the end of the day.”

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