Yoko Ono’s name has been finally cleared of the old narrative that she was behind The Beatles disbandment. Yoko tweeted out an article summing up fan theories that Yoko is, vindicated in the new 3-part series. This “Get Back” docuseries was just released on Disney+.

The docuseries features a lot of unseen Beatles footage from their “Let It Be” movie in 1970. People are also pointing out how unassuming Yoko looks during 1969 rehearsals at Twickenham Film Studios. Yoko was also seen during a lot of their jam sessions. She was also seen cozying up to John Lennon and sitting among the band members but most of the time she was witnessed minding her business be it knitting, writing, reading or just eating or drinking.

Peter Jackson, the director, spent the last few years piecing together this new project said that he never saw Yoko impose herself into what the guys were doing. Peter also acknowledged Yoko isn’t to blame nor is anyone else. That said, he also laid direct blame on John himself. He pushed back on the idea that Paul McCartney wanted everyone to go their seperate ways.

Of course, some people still think Yoko played a part in the Beatle’s demise arguing that her presence alone proved to be a distraction for John but it doesn’t hold water. John was also seen hanging out with his then-wife Linda and her kids and some of George Harrison’s friends.

The docuseries also has a lot of happy moments which also changes the story a bit. Did You watch the series yet ? what do you think happened ?

Anushmitta Dutta

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