Young Thug’s lawsuit rages on as opposition claims Young Thug is to blame for loss of a bag containing $40,000 cash, diamond jewelry, and a hard drive with 200 unreleased songs “worth at least $1,000,000”.

Thug is suing the real estate firm after the luxury apartment building’s concierge service allegedly lost several of his valuable possessions. The rapper’s luxury apartment complex in Georgia finally answered his $1 million lawsuit with new claim.

JLB Peachtree Management says the “Bubbly” artist’s own “negligence and failure to exercise ordinary care” played a role in the loss of his Louis Vuitton bag with cash, diamond-encrusted jewelry, and a hard drive of unreleased music.

The firm admits to the retrieval of the bag from Thug’s black Lamborghini in a parking lot after the item was reported by a fellow resident. However, it denies that it assumed a duty to protect the property and is asking the court to dismiss the lawsuit.


Thug’s lawyer, Charles Hoffecker, says that the firm’s “blanket denial” has a huge hole in it. The lawyer argues that the management staff’s negligence outweighs the rapper’s (if any) since it was the staff who handed the bag to an unknown person.

The suggestion my client’s negligence — if any — outweighs the defendants’ ignores the simple facts the defendants’ employees acted to secure the property, knew whose property it was, committed to keep the property safe in a secure location, communicated to my client they would keep the property secure, and then released the property to an unknown person,” Hoffecker tells Rolling Stone. “Now that the defendants have filed their answer, we look forward to pursuing Young Thug’s rights through the litigation process,” he added.

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Shifa Jahan

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