LeBron James’ contributions to the world of professional basketball cannot be understated. James suffered a serious injury to his right ankle in the Lakers’ game against the Atlanta Hawks back in March. Even after coming back, James has never been the same.

Boston Celtics’ Enes Kanter is certainly someone who is opinionated and is never afraid to speak his mind. This includes the time he blasted NBA players who refused to get vaccinated.

As reported earlier, Boston Celtics games are no longer being streamed on Chinese internet after comments made by Enes Kanter, where he made pro-Tibet comments. Enes Kanter also recently blasted LeBron James recently over Nike’s use of “slave labor” in China.

It seems his disdain for LeBron James isn’t done just yet. While speaking on CNN, Enes Kanter claimed that even LeBron James teammates believe he only does PR for himself and is very fake.

“I had so many conversations with LeBron James’ ex-teammates. And even they are the ones telling me that LeBron, all he’s doing is just his own PR. And everything he’s doing, trying to stand up for things, is not that he really feels about it. But he cares about his PR more than anything. First of all, he was behind me in the tunnel and I stopped to take pictures with one of the kids. I wasn’t the one that right passed him. He was the one that literally walked right by me and did not say anything.”

James recently made it clear that Kanter isn’t someone that he deems worthy of giving his energy. In the end, LeBron James has better things to focus on than what Enes Kanter said and that is the end of it, even if it is likely that Kanter won’t stop ranting about James for some reason.

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