Kevin Durant has been going through a rough time lately. The Brooklyn Nets player was carrying himself through despite his shoulder injury. However, he got ruled out in the Friday night’s game against Orlando Magic due to his shoulder injury significantly affecting his performance.

Durant is an extraordinary player in both the court as well as online. He’s known to have quippy comebacks on Twitter whenever fans try to clown him. This instance is different than any other, where we see Durant showcase his Twitter savvy skills on full display.

The Nets’ power forward found himself to be a target as Twitter users began clowning him over ashy skin. SLAM Kicks first made the post, where fans began to clamor on the NBA superstar’s ashy skin.

After SLAM Kicks displayed the full extent of Durant’s ashy skin, fans unceremoniously started making fun of it. Former Celtics star Isaiah Thomas also joined in, and commented “No way KD can be that Ashy!!!!!!!! No way lol. OMG.”

Durant seemingly took in all the comments, and came back with a crisp reply. He took his time, and then fired back with a reply that was enough to decimate all the others. He said:

I’m bouta pull my “y’all broke” card in a second. F*ck y’all

Kevin Durant is one of the prolific basketball players currently active. The NBA superstar even led the U.S. Basketball team in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which only goes to show the full scope of strength Durant holds. Of course, he would have the right comebacks for any situation.

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