Sheree Whitfield is not on speaking terms with boyfriend Tyron Gilliam as her TV career almost risked him his freedom. Sources who have direct knowledge told TMZ that the “RHOA” star and Tyrone who is currently sentenced to Home Confinement have not spoken since November 6 incident. Sheree told Tyron that she will be leaving New York City to visit him in Philadelphia.

TMZ reports that the trouble began a few hours before they were scheduled to meet. Sheree told Tyrone she would have an ‘RHOA’ camera crew with her when she got to town. Sheree wanted him to come and film a scene with her in the restaurant, but it wasn’t a good idea because of his home confinement.

If he would have gone the judge could have put him back to jail. That’s why he took over the shoot. The Production told his attorneys that they would only edit the show to make it look like Tyrone had launched her.

The matter is getting worse after a photo started circulating online, showing Sheree sitting alone at a Philadelphia restaurant. Curious fans noticed 2 menus on the table. The camera crew assumed Tyrone was there shooting scenes. Although he wasn’t, he was worried about the consequences with the courts.

When Sheree returned to “RHOA” she revealed that she wanted to make her relationship with Tyrone a big story, but it seems to be off now. They are said to have not spoken since the incident in Philadelphia, and there was no apology from either side.

We reached out to Bravo, so far we didn’t get any word back from them.

Shivangini Rawat

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