Eminem’s enigmatic album is his first ever to cross this significant milestone. The total number songs combined that feature Eminem has surpassed 3.5 billion streams on Spotify. This number has now grown by 500 million since January 2021 and continues to do the same.

According to Chartmasters.org, who specializes in tracking Spotify streams count for artists, features added 3,505,753,188 streams to Marshall’s entire stream count. Currently the total number of streams that Em bagged counts to 28,475,074,697. Overall, Chartmasters.org counts streams for 116 tracks that Eminem has contributed to throughout his career.

“The Eminem Show” also has two of Em’s most streamed tracks – “’Till I Collapse” with 1.18 billion streams and “Without Me” with 942 million streams. His top 3 streamed tracks are: 1. Lose Yourself [8 Mile] – 1,305,000 streams, 2. Till I Collapse [The Eminem Show] – 1,161,000 streams and 3. Love the Way You Lie [Recovery] – 1,056,000 streams.

“The Eminem Show” was released on June 4, 2002 and holds the title of Em’s classic for years now. It was his second album to receive Diamond certification. Now it has become his most streams project on Spotify.

Moreover, it is, in general, the most streamed hip-hop album that was released over five years ago. “The Eminem Show” adds around 2.1 million streams to its statistics daily. The most recent one, “Last One Standing”, made its Billboard Hot 100 debut this week, bagging the 93rd Hot 100 hit for Em.

The Rap God seems unstoppable in his Spotify streams count as they seem to keep growing exponentially with time. We can expect 5+ billion streams of “The Eminem Show” and 50 million overall streams in the coming years. Rap God in bars, and Rap God in counts in the truest sense indeed.

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