Jax Taylor previously sat on the throne for most disliked cast member on the show. However his absence has left a void that has now been filled by Tom Sandoval.

The two toms of the show, Schwartz and Sandoval have started their own bar business. Not just that, Sandy’s got a few more tricks up his sleeve. He now wants to get serious with his music career. As a result, Sandoval is getting more screen time than earlier and people just not having it.

Let’s face it everyone on Vanderpump Rules like attention but Sandy’s hunger for it knows no bounds. “I actually find him MORE narcissistic than most of them. It’s SHOCKING how special he thinks he is. Watching him read the poorly written, overzealous, meaningless ‘mission statement’ out like it was going to blow everyone’s mind was heinous,” one Redditor observed on the thread about Sandoval’s narcissism.

Fans are fed-up of his egoistic “I’m so much better than you peasants” attitude. The daunting exhaustion seems to multiply by every episode of the show. Sandoval’s behavior has even made fans sympathize with Kristen Doute who was painted as the crazy one in the show. Fans have observed that he doesn’t treat Ariana Madix right. They have concluded she’ll be better off without him.

“Ariana always seems irritated by Sandoval… He has said and done so many rude and hurtful things to her, how could she stay with him… unless it’s for the cameras?” A fan said.

 “…I’m not surprised that Ariana is depressed. I would be, too, in that relationship,” “She really needs to dump him. I cannot imagine how extra he is in real life,” other fans added

He’s as big of a narcissist as Jax but he has even less empathy. He’s always been my least favorite of the three…” another fan expressed. One comment was especially funny in its brevity : “I knew he was a narcissist the minute it was revealed he spends longer getting ready than Kristen [Doute],”.

Sandoval really is a wolf in sheep’s clothing as far as putting up a front that he’s this altruistic, progressive guy when he’s really as narcissistic as the rest of them.briefly liked him, but looking back I see right through it” another fan observed.

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