Jax Taylor and Kristen Doute may no longer be on “Vanderpump Rules,” but that hasn’t stopped fans from talking about them. VPR Subreddit claims that they are still hooking up.

We all know that Jax is married to Brittany Cartwright, and they even have a child together. Could it be that he’s stilling hooking up with Kristen?

While it may just be a rumor some fans seem to think that there’s a lot more to Jax and Kristen’s relationship than what meets the eye. Back in season two of the show Kristen admitted that she slept with Jax while she was dating his best friend Tom Sandoval. She also opened up about the affair in her book, “He’s Making You Crazy”.

“I felt so much guilt about my mistake that I didn’t feel that I really deserved any sort of platform to speak my mind about it or say my piece,” she told Us Weekly back in May 2020.


The post reads “Follow up on theory re: Kristen sleeping with Jax throughout the show“. It brought forward a long discussion with some fans claiming they are hooking up to this day.

“Also totally on board with this theory, they definitely super give it away that something is still happening. I also just don’t see the chemistry with Kristen’s new boyfriend – feels like she’s settling to me,” a comment read. “I think she’s still sleeping with him to this day,” a fan observed. Another comment said, “Why do you think he mows her lawn? I’ve always thought they had an arrangement”.

While Jax and Kristen say that their couch hook up was just a one time thing, several fans beg to differ. Its interesting to note that in 2019 Jax blocked her out of the blue. Kristen broke the news herself on twitter.

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