Kris Jenner has a massive mansion in Los Angeles. The $20 million fortress is situated right next to her daughter Khloe Kardashian‘s abode. Finally after many delays, Khloe Kardashian’s mother is now her neighbor. The moment came after many setbacks going back to many months.

The 16,000-sq real estate was suddenly filled with many moving vans and Jenner’s wide collection of cars after she started the moving process. The new home of Kris Jenner is situated in Hidden Hills, and it comes loaded with huge pool for chilling and entertaining guests.

The house works to keep Jenner’s family close to her. It also suits her huge catalog of cars, as it comes ready with a garage which can store up to eight cars. The mega-mansion features huge outdoor space as well, and its combination with an outdoor kitchen makes it perfect for hosting in-house events.

Kris Jenner’s move is significant as Khloe reported being scammed by a cowboy builder back in June. The builder ran away with the property deeds and their money, so Mama Jenner is coming in full protective mode.


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Nitish Vashishtha

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