Lala Kent and Randall Emmett have split up following Emmett’s alleged infidelity. Emmett is facing financial woes while trying to regain Lala’s Trust. The Vanderpump Rules star is now speaking out for the first time about everything she is going through since the split. Lala took to her podcast to open-up.

The Vanderpump Rules TV star and Give them Lala author has a fairly popular podcast which she co-hosted with her ex-partner Give Them Lala… with Randall. The podcast name, however, is being changed since her split from the co-host. Lala went into details with how she is feeling.

Lala mentioned previously that even with everything going downhill she has never felt stronger in her sobriety. Kent has been three years sober after battling alcoholism. As of now and her infant daughter Ocean Emmet is her first priority. She mentioned that she never expected her life to turn out this way and is taking everything slowly. However, she has further made stronger statements about her choices.

“You better keep your f–king head up and do your thing. So that’s what I do.”

“For me, I look at it and I’m like, ‘I would never have Ocean.’ This independence that I have wouldn’t be here. It just feels amazing,” shared 31-year-old Kent, who added that she has “moments” where she feels happy.

“If anyone doesn’t fit into your evolution and if your evolution involves you being happy or healthy and there are a lot of pluses to the changes you’ve made and people don’t fit into that anymore, not my issue, I’m burning the bridge.”

The Reality TV star also addressed her estranged relationship with TV producer Randall Emmet. She said that she is “burning the bridge” with people who get in the way of her ‘happiness and health”. She talked about her evolution as an individual and how certain people “don’t fit” into the picture anymore. She is focused on doing her thing and keeping her head up.

Lala is quite grateful of everything she has in her life including her “independence” now. She also acknowledged her blessings and confessed that she draws inspiration from people who have endured tougher battles. We commend Lala Kent for being so brave and speaking up. We wish her all the best for future and hope that finds some ease in dealing with the difficult situation.

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