Jake Paul transitioned from a Youtuber and social media personality to a professional boxer. With a promising trajectory through his Triller-backed exhibition bouts and fights, Paul’s next target in Tommy Fury. The 22-year old has a record of 7-0, and he’s himself transitioned to a reality TV star.

Paul is known for undermining his opponents, and this case is no different. Jake Paul said in a recent press conference at Tampa, Florida that Tommy is still very green, and most of the fights he has been in were with losers who were meant to give out against him.

The 24-year old added that he will be the real test of skill for Fury. Tommy Fury is the half-brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Paul also accused Fury of not having sparred enough times, and added that he has had significantly more hard work than Fury.

Tommy claims to have been doing this his whole life and he’s had this amateur career, and he’s been around it and that is true, but he hasn’t worked as hard as me. I see a green guy who hasn’t sparred enough times and who has only been put in there with opponents that were meant to lose. This is his first real test where his opponent just doesn’t flop over.

Tommy Fury is ready to give a fitted reply to his trash talk. Fury said during a Zoom Call that the proposition to fight against Jake Paul, a YouTuber, is very enticing to him. He added that while he’s getting paid in a handsome amount to fight someone who has never faced the stress of fighting for the world title, he feels like he’s “won the lottery.”

I feel like I’ve won the lottery. You’re asking me to fight on a massive world stage, you’re going to pay me nicely, and all I’ve got to do is fight Jake Paul. A YouTuber. I’m going to splatter him December 18. I’ve won the lottery. I’m begging Jake Paul, please do not pull out. Because normally, when we get to this stage in boxing, you’ve got to fight for a world title. But I’m fighting a YouTuber! Sign me up.

Jake Paul has had a short boxing career, where he’s developed a record of 4-0. He recently fought against MMA fighter Tyron Woodley, and won via a split decision. Paul is known for starting a lot of rouses, a notable instance of which was his beef with Floyd ‘The Money’ Mayweather before the Logan Paul-Floyd Mayweather fight.

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