Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday. Due to this, he was removed from last Sunday’s game with the Kansas City Chiefs. It was said that he was unvaccinated.

It was also said that Aaron Rodgers misled everyone including the NFL regarding his vaccination status. Aaron Rodgers appeared in preseason photos standing on the sideline in street clothes without a mask. Due to this, he could be facing harsh punishment as well.

All of Rodgers’ appearances where he was not wearing a mask have now come under scrutiny. Due to this, NFL recently revealed that Aaron Rodgers is likely to face a suspension after his actions.

While speaking on the Let’s Go! podcast, Tom Brady was asked about Aaron Rodgers lying about his vaccination status. Initially, Brady didn’t plan on saying much, but that all changed as he went on a rant.

”I’m not commenting on Aaron Rodgers’ personal situation. Far be it for me to tell anyone what to put in their body. But by the way, The TB12 Method is available in paperback wherever nutritional books are sold and I’ll leave it at that. Every week and we’re trying to prevent the spread of it. We’ve missed some players this year. Other teams have missed some players this year. I hope everyone stays safe. I think that’s the important part in all of it.

I would love to see a stronger union so we can negotiate something that’s more fair and what’s really right for the owners, the coaches and the players because all three groups need different things. And if you’re going to ask for more, then you better provide more. But that hasn’t been the way negotiations have gone. Players should have the best health care and receive the best treatment. I have for a long time. I’ve had to do it myself, though. That’s just a reality. The league didn’t provide it for me.”

That’s why I’m very cognizant of what I put into my body. My hydration. What I eat. How I recover, how I train, how I work out, how I get all my pliability treatments. Those things are very important to me. I want to live a great life after football and I want to teach other people who have been in my position and others who love being active in the same types of things.”

It was also said that Aaron Rodgers is furious that his vaccination status is now known to the public. Many fans are trying to cancel Aaron Rodgers and want him dropped from various sponsorships as well. We will have to wait and see if he will be suspended or not.

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