Erykah Badu seems to have two sides to her, spiritual and gangster. Both these sides seem to have surfaced in the aftermath of the recent Astroworld tragedy.

One particular Twitter user caught the brunt of Badu’s ire in a recent interaction online. Badu had made a tweet offering support to both Travis Scott, as well the victims of the Astroworld tragedy.

Bless you [Travis]. Safe Journey to all the souls. I’m so sorry.

A Twitter user responded to Badu’s tweet, saying “NURSE SHES OUT AGAIN!!!” presumably taking a jab at Badu’s mental health issues. Badu, however, was having none of it, and gave a short, curt reply.


F*k u ho

Badu’s reply spawned a plethora of jokes and memes, with some users finding her tweet hilarious, while others questioned why she was showing any sympathy to Travis Scott, who has been largely held responsible for the tragedy.

This is certainly a difficult time for the world of hip-hop, with people still recovering from the shocking incident. It is no surprise that passions are running high. Check out the tweets below.

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