Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Star Jen Shah escaped being arrested on the latest episode of Bravo’s RHOSLC. Her excuse was that her Husband is in the hospital for “internal Bleeding”.

It seems that Shah’s actions came to bite her during the episode when viewers came to know that twelve minutes after Jen departed the scene in her aunt’s pickup truck, law enforcement — including members of Homeland Security and the New York Police Department — arrived, “We have to just talk to her to make sure she’s OK,” one officer was heard saying.

Jen Shah’s run just when the police arrived was surely a bit suspicious. We can’t wait to see how this story unfolds on the next episode of RHOSLC.

Fan’s took to twitter to discuss how insane the episode was. Many saying that the episode mad Bravo history by being most dramatic/thrilling while others are hilariously mocking the situation.


A fan mentioned: “The anticipation around finally seeing the full cut of Jen Shah’s escape before the feds showed up looking for her was sky high, but this moment completely lived up to it. The suspense, the editing, the music, the 12 minutes of it all. #RHOSLC is now a thriller.” “The fact that Bravo got this on camera legit might get them a nomination for something. Omg. #RHOSLC

Another pointed how how Jen said she had a call from the hospital but answered it “Hi Baby..” caught lying on TV. “Jen Shah made up a lie so fast there’s no way she isn’t a scam artist”

You can check out a variety of tweets below!

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