Buccaneers linebacker Devin White was penalized for a horse collar tackle that ended New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston‘s season last Sunday and he heard from the league about the play as well.

Team trainers were seen evaluating Winston’s right leg on the sidelines after it was awkwardly twisted. The NFL said that White was fined for the tackle on Winston, who then left the game with a torn ACL.

The total bill was $15,450 for unnecessary roughness and $10,300 for unsportsmanlike conduct. White’s actions included a horse-collar penalty and two unnecessary-roughness whistles. White was also penalized for roughing Saints backup quarterback Trevor Siemian and for taunting at the end of a run by Saints running back Mark Ingram.

According to Tampa Bay Times, on the roughing call on Trevor Siemian (in which Siemian threw an incompletion), White said he “was just trying to finish the play.” He took full responsibility for taunting toward Saints tailback Mark Ingram.
“Me and Mark Ingram were jawing all night, just going back and forth at each other, but it’s always one-sided when you’re in someone else’s house,” White said.


Bucs Report said Devin White was Apologetic about Winston’s Injury. Watch Devin White talk about his misconduct below.

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