Dave Chappelle drummed up a lot of controversy with his The Closer special, but he still has people standing behind him. Jay-Z is weighing in on things and he is a big fan of Chappelle’s efforts.

Hova tried to be politically correct about things and not show too much support, but is obvious which side he lands on.

After saying that Chappelle is a genius, Jigga then said that “what I think happens with true art is it has to cause conversation.” Dave Chappelle’s The Closer certainly caused a lot of people to talk about many different things.

Jay-Z said that “sometimes it will be abrasive and off-putting to folks,” but that is another sign that the art is impactful. It opens up an opportunity to have a dialogue, and Chappelle did just that.


Art can sometimes be divisive and that includes stand-up comedy. We’ll have to see what is next for Chappelle, but few will forget the controversy surrounding his sixth Netflix special.

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Aaron Varble

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