Miami Heat’s Udonis Haslem recently spoke to Tyler R. Tynes of GQ. In the conversation, Haslem recalled a particular incident when he was having a meal with LeBron James, when he had to stand up for Bron.

The incident in question occurred during the iconic Big 3 era. Haslem and Bron stopped to grab a quick bite to eat. Then a random stranger called out to Bron to yell obscenities as him. Haslem recalled his thoughts when this happened.

We were all walking from grabbing something to eat one day, and some dude shouted, “Hey LeBron,” and Bron looked over, and soon as he did the dude said “f**k you!” to Bron. Dude said that to Bron outta nowhere! So, now I’m walking. And in my mind, I’m saying to myself, “I’ll never let that happen again here.” And then I understood what he goes through because if someone randomly does that to me going down the street I don’t know what’ll happen. If this the s**t he gotta deal with, I’ma have his back. I said, “F**k you!” back to the dude. Bron ain’t say nothing.

The reaction from Bron is not out of character, as he’s shown his ability to not lose his cool before. As for Haslem, it is clear that he has his teammates’ back both on and off the court.


It is perhaps because of this that Haslem is still a widely beloved teammate and leader. While Haslem does not appear on the court as much anymore, he is still very much an active player.

As for LeBron, he is pursuing another ring with the Los Angeles Lakers currently. While Bron has not been playing as a result of an ankle injury, he recently acted as unofficial head coach during the Lakers’ match against the Spurs.

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