The Lakers have had a pretty packed schedule recently. The team emerged victorious against the Spurs in their last match. Now, the tables have turned as the Lakers suffered a baffling defeat against the Oklahoma City Thunder. In the end, the Lake Show lost 115 to 123 and the internet was a bit shocked.

While the Lakers started off with a lead over OKC Thunder, the situation was completely reversed in the third quarter, with OKC Thunder scoring 18 points more than the Lakers, going into the fourth quarter with an advantage.

It was not lost on fans that the Lakers somehow messed up a significant lead. In fact, the Lakers initially outscored OKC Thunder 41-19. Many took to Twitter to air their grievances.

yall suck fr fr! How yall loosin a 30pt lead to a sucky ass team with a bunch of nobodies. yall suck

It is worth noting that the team has been playing without its key player, LeBron James, who was acting as an unofficial head coach in their match against the Spurs. The jury is still out on whether the team can survive without Bron.

Check out some fan reactions below.

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