Two time WWE hall of famer and six time World Heavyweight Champion Booker T Huffman opened up about his memories from the show Charmed with Tyler Treese of During his conversation, Booker T mentioned one actress who was quite charmed by his skills. 

Booker T discussed his legendary wrestling career, acting appearances and the Vegas debut of his Reality of Wrestling promotion. He also went into what Alyssa Milano told him about his acting ability.

“I remember what she told me after we finished shooting. Alyssa Milano told me, ‘You really have great timing, and you could do this if you wanted to.’ And I was so taken aback by that. I was like, wow, man, someone like Alyssa Milano is telling me I could act if I really put myself into it. You know, if I really threw myself into it. So I was like, wow, for her to give me that little bit of nudge of courage, man. It was really, really awesome. That’s what I remember most about that whole thing.”

Alyssa Milano has always been a fan favorite from the show Charmed in addition to being a passionate activist and book author. Milano was recently arrested during a voting rights protest outside the White House. The Sorry not Sorry author also met with an accident earlier this year.


The Episode that Booker T appeared on was titled “Wrestling with Demons” and was the twelfth episode of the third season of Charmed. In the episode, Booker T played a wrestler named “Thunder”.

Do you think Booker T should take more acting roles? What is your favorite Episode from Charmed? Let us know in the comments below.

Shifa Jahan

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