Dave Chappelle’s The Closer on Netflix has caused a lot of controversy for the comedian and the streaming platform. However, he has received plenty of support from Netflix and fellow comedians and the platform is even adding more Dave Chappelle content amid all this controversy.

Comedienne Hannah Gadsby also went off on Netflix and Dave recently and sent a clear and obvious message. She called out the company’s heads as well as Dave and his fans for spreading hate speech. In response, Dave said that he’s willing to meet the LGBTQ Netflix employees (who staged a walkout in protest) but they would have to admit that Hannah Gadsby is not funny.

Many people have chimed in with their opinions and thoughts about the whole thing. Similarly, comedian Deon Cole was approached by TMZ to get his view on the situation.

When the reporter asked him what he thinks of the entire feud between Hannah Gadsby and Dave Chappelle, and what he thinks of the conditions that Dave put forward, Deon erupted into laughter and couldn’t stop. After almost a minute of non-stop laughing, he was able to say the following:

“Dave is crazy! (hysterical laughter again).”

While Deon finds this funny, Dave himself is also finding humor in the whole situation. He isn’t concerned with cancel culture, and he capitalized off the controversy by co-headlining a tour with Joe Rogan.

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Rayan Sayyed

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